Monday, February 16, 2009

The Music Brand I Loved - Bang Gang

Listen to Bang Gang in the night, enjoy the melodies, really intoxiated in it.

You have found the perfect music to keep you dancing through the long dark night. Dark in vision, yet packed with light and instantly memorable melodies.

The songs exude diamond sharp sadness, paranoia, passion and intensity in a setting of carefully constructed melodies and computerized rhythms.

Bang Gang is his chosen vehicle for projecting his dark musical fantasies, where phantoms and ghosts sing in whispers, surrounded by celestially beautiful melodies.

Sleep (Lyric)

Walking in my sleep at night
And you can´t have meCan´t have eEver
Walking in my sleepSo you can´t have me
Disappeared, goneYou have gone out of my dreams
Walking in my sleepWith my flesh in bed
Still you are thereThink you´ll never let me be
Walking in my sleepSo you can´t have me
Disappeared, goneYou have gone out of my dreams
Walking in my sleepWith my flesh in bed
Still you are thereJust get the fuck out of my dreams
Walking in my sleep at nightAnd you can´t have meCan´t have meEver

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not Used To Credit Cards, We Tend to Save More Money

It seems that Chinese people are more cautious about their money spending compared with most westerners who likes to reply on credit cards and spend their future money. It's all about culture difference and different attitudes about money spending.

To take a deep investigation about this vast diversity, I should say the reason is complicated as you may thought, it's not a easy thing as right or bad, as though I think it's a virtue to save money.

Bank is our best friend, and we have the habit of putting money in the bank even bank don't give any profit of it or would charge us for the money saving, we still wan to save, because we have lots of things to worry about, such as the housing problem, the medical fees, the children's education, all this needs money.

As for me, during this finantial crisis, I go to the supermarkets less and less, and seldom to the big malls for clothing since the price is way out of our reach. So I turn to online shopping, where I bought idear products just by simple click.

Since I live in the big city, so the logistic system is working perfectly well. During the begining, I only bought some cheap daily use items like cushion, small kithcn stuff, clothing. But when I found that the online shop is becoming more professioanl and the products sold by trustworthy sellers is cheap and chic, I begin to buy some large amount items like brand clohing or window curtain for home decoration.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Do You Really Like Living Life Alone at Home

Don't take wrong of the title, I'm not going to talk about marriage problems here, but a new kind of lifestyles that going more and more common among young people, that's life alone at home, seldom make any contact with other people or society.

The fast growing of technology seem to make face to face communications between people less, drive people away from each other more often. Every part of the world today is enjoying the comforts provided by technology, by internet. Many young people now used to live life alone at home alone, don't want to enter reality world out here, some of those people even grow the illness called Melancholy symptom.

They feel home is the most cozy place, they could wear comfortable sandals, totally be free. They don't need to care about the appearance at all; just a leisure cotton shirt could just be ok. When feeling tired, just pick up a cushion and have a good rest, the other time, they have computers and online fantastic world.

So I have listed the following possible symptoms that may decide whether you are into this along lifestyle or not.

1, Crazy obsessed with something: obsessed with cartoon characters, popular stars, certain people, certain instance. And such obsessions is suddenly happened and can’t be easily escaped.
2, Rely on computers: A short time without computers or lines would probably kill you!
3, Can’t live without internet: be online all the time, even you have nothing to do, the QQ or MSN is always online for you.
4, Hate schools or work: Sometimes you would feel very reluctant to go to schools or go to workplace, really hate to go there, but have to go since you don’t seem to have any choices.
5, Your rest time is not stable: You actually have a very flexible rest time that don’t have any rules to follow.
6, Repel going out: Compared to going out, you’d rather stay at home. You could take a lot time considering whether to going out for an activity or not.
7, Don't quite fond of make contact with strangers: Communications with strangers in the reality makes you scary and in great panic.
8, Have both sides in your personality: You could try to hide your inner thought in front of the things you don’t like, drift along your life and feel yourself that you have both characters.
9, Love to collect things: Collect one or another, such as stamps or other stuff, and really into this action.
10, Staying alone: Generally, you don’t have any life companion with you except your parents.
11, Fat problems: Not very slim, just to say at least.
12, Often have a pet with you