Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nanjing Residents Finally Have Design Giants IKEA

Before August 28, Nanjing IKEA fans will go to shanghai to purchase their home furniture, and it really not very convenient.

But now If Nanjing residents are worried that there is no place to buy decent home furnishings, they now have a savior.

Design Giants - IKEA

Ikea's Nanjing store, located at the east of Kazimen Square, was formally opened on August 28. With a total investment of USD54 million, the new Ikea store covers 60,000 square meters and its business area is about 30,000 square meters.

In the store, consumers will see 65 sample rooms of four different styles and three "complete homes", covering 25 square meters, 35 square meters, and 55 square meters, respectively, offer complete solutions for interior decoration. In addition, there are more than 6,000 kinds of products sold in the store.

Affordable and simple. IKEA hands the screwdriver over to the customer. Founded in 1943 by Ingrod Humfrod, the company rapidly became the preferred interior outfitter for students, ingles and young families. Annual sales now exceed six billion dollars.

Price Strategy in Nanjing
IKEA have investigated Nanjing consumer market before they implement their Price strategy. They price of most furniture will be acceptable by most consumer with above average wage. Their targeted consumer would be the female with good flavor and certain economic capacity.

There is no subway in that district where IKEA located, the nearest subway stop have at least 3 kilometer away. But since IKEA is the symbol of elegance and humanized design, many consumer attracted are mainly upon class. So most of them will have cars and IKEA prepared enough parking places to make them feel comfortable.

Anyway, we can also take the public transportation, which I personally think NO.60 bus is the most convenient one for people who live in the central city area. Other buses are available too.

Store Decoration
The decoration is attractive and most advanced. Lots of people went there and couldn't afford to take many pictures down, because when they see those sample room, and delicately designed Bedroom,they feel at home there, very cozy feeling. Curiosity is always pops up.

Apart from these furniture products, the new Ikea store also includes a 2,512 square meter restaurant, which offers Swedish food, and a children's room, which can accommodate 50 children. So lots of people are attracted there on the fist opening day. In that area, there are many furniture large stores, but IKEA seams not to be fear about those competitors due to their unique style, creative design, and amazing store decoration.


SWING said...

hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! You have a very interesting blog, so I'll be linking you :)

I want IKEA to come here too! Where i live, there's no IKEA, so very sad. :< IKEA stuff are great!

janey said...

So many people there. Transportaion is a big problem. I'd better wait for other times to go there.

chinananjing said...

Being the second largest commerce center in China, after Shanghai, Nanjing was to be expected to bring the giants around the world in competition.