Monday, August 18, 2008

Enchanting Embroidery - Cross-stitch Craft

Cross-stitch is an art about working with needles and heart.

Cross-stitch has been more and more popular nowadays. It's a good gift choice for sending your friends or lovers. It's a good way to pass your leisure time. Good cross-stitch art need time and patience, you need to put your heart into it. That's why it's been recognized as a very popular gift.

It is known that cross stitch embroidery flourished during the Tang dynasty in China (618-906 AD), when it may well have spread westward along the trade routes. By the eleventh century, the most famous of all early embroideries, the Bayeux tapestry, was being worked. This is not actually a tapestry in the strict sense (that is, a woven textile), but an embroidery, depicting the Norman invasion of England in 1066.

Embroideries refer to embroidery decorations that can be taken personally, such as pouch, fan cover, perfume (spice) bag, handkerchief bag, purse, etc. Cross-stitch has a unique status in the development history of Chinese embroidery, with a long time of existence, a wide scope of popularization, fancy styles, wide applications, exquisite workmanship and rich and varied stitches.

Needlecraft in the form of cross-stitch has captured human attention since times immemorial.
From tacking two plies of cotton fabric together, cross-stitch has grown into a chic medium of expressing personal style. Cross-stitch, which treats every visual in a graphic way, is so right in a season that talks of ideas flagged under a vision of geometry. From garments to fashion accessories, from bed liner to made-ups, cross-stitch is topping the style charts.

Guidelines For Cross Stitch Embroidery

Always start stitching from center. So, when you start, first find center of the fabric.
The thread should be chosen carefully. It is good to choose the dmc threads available with most of the cross stitch kits .
You can vary number of strands in cross stitch thread to create different effects.
You can use an embroidery frame to fix the fabric into it. This helps you stitch easily and quickly.
Use tapestry cross stitch needles for good results.

Development and Prospect of Cross-stitch

With improvement in the living standard of the common people, they long for cultural, fashionable and individualized consumption. Because of wide range of application of embroideries and cross-stitch, Aimai Qite has continuously conducted research on workmanship and application of cross-stitch through exploring traditional Chinese cultures and taking into account the ideas and lifestyles of the present society, and has developed cheap products suitable for lives of the common people, such as tens of varieties of cross-stitch slippers,cushion cover, perfume bag, handset chain, tablecloth, handset case, auto seating, etc.; introduced new ideas in terms of designs, such as Christmas gifts series, constellation series, twelve animals series, cartoon series, animal series, scenery series, home decoration series, Chinese folk custom series, etc. It has achieved combination of the traditional workmanship with modern idea, as well as of fashion with practicality. The Chinese folk custom series has had certain competitiveness in the world, and other fashion series are preponderant in the domestic market.

Cross-stitch has passed through vicissitudes of varied forces accommodating different ideas, motifs and designs. Age-old art of this needlecraft has reached out towards newer horizons, finding a high rank this season.

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