Monday, August 18, 2008

Choose The Right Theme for Your Wedding Design

Wedding theme is the core factor to a succesful wedding. Choose it right, you are half success. The whole wedding is a big issue, lots of work to do. But the most central one, is the theme, you need to decide the theme first of all.

Do you want to add a little creative design elements to your special wedding day. Your wedding day is absolutely your own day; it's up to you to decide how to make it unforgettable. Your wedding theme reflects your attitude towards the event. If it's your first wedding, then lots of color and decoration shall be in order. However, subsequent weddings are usually quieter affairs, with somewhat low-key and subdued themes. Using the appropriate theme for your wedding will not only reflect your good taste, but also liven up the event for your guests, and put them in the right sort of mood.

Numerous kinds of theme for you:

Butterfly theme:
If you are a bride, you can release butterflies instead of rice. If you are a groom, then too you can fill your hall with thousands of colorful butterflies. They will add color and charm to the ceremony. The same effect can be produced with birds, too. Create the ambience of a passionate summer evening or treat your guests to an untimely blissful spring. You will also need an romantic wedding dresss for add more flavor.

The oriental theme:
Use an oriental theme to contrast with the crowd of occidental guests. You may want to adopt some Asian wedding rituals to reproduce the essence of the mysterious far east. You can create a small tropical forest, with pictures and plants. Add an uncanny and adventurous color to the atmosphere through the use of tribal attires and statuettes of wild animals. Prepare fashion belts such as fashion leather belts decorated wich china cross-stitch, that would be catch more attention.

Color theme:

This may be the one of the Interesting Wedding Trends Your May Not Familiar With. You could want to accentuate a particular color by using it in flowers, fruits, dresses, lights and even foods. Try to find out what color your future partner likes best.

English garden theme:
Marry in the lap of nature, or better still, bring the elements of the nature within your four walls. If you are fond of the ocean, decorate the hall with nautical elements like starfish, pearls, or an image of the setting sun against a backdrop of sea. Use a matching color tinged with blue, the color of the sea.

Romantic Candlelight
Tell them he/she lights up your life. Light up the candles....lots of them. Create an ambience of romance.

Say It With Flowers
Your love in full bloom, reflected in your choice of buds. Select a flower and work with that. How about combining different flowers in a similar colour. A client once chose 3 different flowers - Tulips, Iris & Matthiola as her wedding flowers because the first letters of the flowers spelt out her husband Tim’s name.
Flowers can be used to decorate the church, the reception area, the home and even the food display. The same flower(s) can be used in the bouquets and the car decoration. As a thank you to your guests for attending your wedding, how about presenting them with a stalk of your favourite flower.

You can have a heart theme for your wedding. Decorate everything with hearts, whether in different colours or in a single colour. Big hearts, small hearts. You may even wish to have little hearts sewn onto your wedding gown. A good designer will be able to incorporate any theme into your wedding dress.
Now, guess the shape of the wedding cake.

A well-planned theme wedding also gives you the pleasure of knowing your guests will attend a memorable wedding, where everything has been well thought out & executed for their maximum enjoyment. Your "es-theme" will rise knowing your guests will leave your wedding with sweet memories of how personal & different your wedding was. A theme wedding also offers a good reflection of you & your partners personalities as you incorporate your likes & hobbies into the scheme of themes.... and what better time to do this than at the start of your lives together.

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