Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tips and Knowledge about Shoe Accessories

Inside the shoe - Shoe insoles

From almost everyone can benefit on a pair of good insoles. Insoles major role in the following:

First, shock-absorbing.
Although the shoes themselves will have this feature, but the role of insoles can not be underestimated.

The second is stability and support
Such as the above plans. Insoles are the latter part of a plastic for the support to give feet a very good supporting role. Certain extent, the support of good insoles of boots stronger than general support for the ankles. Perhaps listening to a bit ridiculous, but in fact a good insoles's role is enormous. For example, the map super feet, have such an effect.

Third, it is corrected.
Most people will step pose a problem, Pingzu, inversion, eversion, not the correct attitude not only lead to further foot problems and even cause of ankle, knee and even back problems. Good insoles can be corrected foot problems.

Elegant Shoe Material Choice

Linen is an elegant, durable fabric that can be used in nearly every type of clothing from pants to dresses to suits. Linen is made from flax and is the strongest of the vegetable fibers. Naturally, linen is an off-white color, varying from creamy white to light tan. However, it can be dyed any shade and the color won't fade when washed.

What's great about linen is that it's a cool, breathable fabric that is perfect for warmer months. Though it does wrinkle easily, linen presses easily as well. This season in addition to beautiful linen skirts and dresses, look for an array of stylish linen shoes and handbags.

Socks is a small thing, but it is very important.

The production of socks use several key material, do you know which one to choose when you are wearing an Basketball Shoes and want to keep your feet sweat away? Let's see:

First, wool, wool, particularly merino wool.
Warm and good, flexible, strong absorptive capacity, it features.
Second, acrylic
This is a kind of chemical fiber materials. Most of the buffer used to increase flexibility and shock absorption.
Third, nylon, nylon
Mainly used to increase durability, increased strength, ductility.
Fourth, coolmax
This is not that we all know, perspiration breathable
Fifth, Teflon, Te Fulong, reducing friction
Sixth, lycra, Leica or spandex, to provide flexibility, and so on.

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