Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jade as The Gem for Olympic Medals

The Beijing Olympic medals made of Kunlun Jade are the most special medals in the Olympic history ever. The Chinese medal designers have made the impressive medals with creativity and great techniques.

Jade carry the Olympic spirit well

Jade carry with them beauty, respect, love and help in China. They compliment the Olympic spirit, the use of jade in Olympic medals will definitely spread China's rich jade culture to the world, while relaying the concept of "People's Olympics".

Legendary Jade in Chinese history

Yu 玉 , the Chinese word for jade, is one of the oldest in the Chinese language. Its pictograph is said to have originated in 2950 BC, when the transition from knotted cords to written signs supposedly occurred. The pictograph represents three pieces of jade, pierced and threaded with a string; the dot was added to distinguish it from the pictograph for "ruler". Jade was traditionally defined by its "virtues", namely a compact, fine texture, tremendous toughness and high hardness, smooth and glossy luster, along with high translucency and the ability to take a high polish (Wang, 1994).

Mystical powers to the Jade

But they also ascribe mystical powers to the stone. Particularly popular is the belief that jade can predict the stages of one's life: If a jade ornament appears more brilliant and transparent, it suggests that there is good fortune ahead; so people often give it as a Wedding Gift, if it becomes dull, bad luck is inevitable. It's always a precious gift choice for putting into your Gift Baskets and send to your loved ones or best friends.

Kunlun jade stands out

Gold, silver and bronze medals will have the same design, with finer white jade in gold ones, light green jade in the silver ones, and dark green jade in the bronze. The flip side of the medals carry a design based on the origins of the Olympics in Greece. The most important and difficult step is to choose the right jade to make the medals. Only about 10% of the jade stones can be used for making the medals."The stones used for medals have to meet very high standard. Such as the color of the white jade used for gold medals should be the same. However, it's impossible to find identical pieces of jade since the patterns are all natural, not produced by machines." But no matter how difficult it is, Wei and his colleagues have tried their best to find the most similar ones for making the medals.

Designers have taken out all the jade stones in storage, and Kunlun Jade are the best ones.

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