Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Smuggling is Big Headache for Samsung Mobile

Talking about mobile phone market share in China, Samsung should be pride. Even there are many big competitors around; Samsung still got most of the big cake due to its unique quality and style. If we could only use few words to describe Samsung phones, it would be: fashion, fast product development, the best slide design, simple and inclusive, good taste. In a word, they've got the magical touch and powerful design.

The biggest victim of the phone smuggling

Chinese people like Samsung mobile, that's good news for the company. But sad news is not all potential customers will buy Samsung phones in the legal way. To be frank, there is many smuggling Samsung phone going around in China. It’s not at all over the top to say that Samsung is the biggest victim of the phone smuggling in China.

The price difference is heaven and earth. And the quality of both official Samsung and illegal ones are more or less the same. The most difference would be the phone software. Smugglings ones using non-official software, which often has lots of bugs. Those phones are all from Hong Kong and Europe, where the official one is made in Tianjing, China.

Smuggling of Samsung's mobile phones, which can't be ignored when speaking of Samsung's handsets in China, is also a big disease threatening the image of Samsung and its product. The reason lies behind the smuggling, of course, is the profit, or we can say the big price gap between the legally imported and those sold in Hong Kong and Europe. Especially for Samsung, the smuggled handsets only ask for 50%-60% of the market price of legal ones. Big price gap is the key incentive force for smuggling.

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Hong kong imported samsung is better