Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tips on Fruit Juice

Fruit juice made from fresh fruit was a terrific drinking stuff. It's also tasty with lots of nutritions we needed.

The process of making the fresh fruit drink is wonderful and enjoyed by many housewives too. All you need is a few simple like knife and a juicer.

Fruit juice is best when freshly squeezed. If you don't have the time to squeeze your own fresh fruit juice, you can buy daily squeezed orange juice. I don't recommend you to buy the juice in the supermarket, cause they are not very fresh, containing less nutrition and not very healthy as fresh drinks.

The freshly squeezed fruit juice has to be consumed within a few days as it usually does not have preservatives or any other additives to make it long lasting.When I get my freshly squeezed orange juice, my family usually drinks it within a couple of hours. They just love the delicious taste of fresh fruit juice.

If you consume fruits whole in their natural state you consume them with the natural fiber and other ingredients that checks sugar absorption.

Whole fruits are healthy but you may still want to eat them in moderation if you have any of the following issues. Whole fruits are more desirable then juices in any case.

• High Blood Pressure
• Overweight
• Diabetes

Some of the healthiest fruits are berries specifically blueberries as their sugar levels are lower than most fruits and they contain an abundance of antioxidants.

So remember juices are high in calories and low in fiber. This will leave you hungry while rapidly adding excess sugar unnecessary. Sometimes just eliminating sugar water, pop, and juices will bring fantastic results.