Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wide Belts or Skinny Belts

Belts are the perfect way to introduce a chic pop of color, texture or bling to any outfit; this waist magic item is one of few accessories that can take any outfit up a notch, from fine to fantastic. Choose the right belt that suit your body shape and temperament is pretty important to your whole beauty work.

Wide belts and skinny belts are all must-have items in their closet. They are both in fashion this season. But you need to decide wisely which one to wear to make your whole dress more great in different occasions.

Wide Belts Trends
Cinching a wide belt around the smallest part of your torso – your natural waist – emphasizes and slims this very feminine zone while accentuating sexy curves.

Thick belts create the most dramatic, waist-narrowing looks since they brace your body in a corset-like fashion. Look for sturdy or stretchy materials such as solid and woven leathers, reinforced layers of satin, and thick, wide elastic bands that can comfortably resist all the bending and sitting you're likely to do over the course of a day.

A Skinny Belt, Even If You're Not
I've always loved the look of a skinny belt with jeans or trousers. Tuck a button down shirt or slim fitting cardi in 'em and it's a no fail winner. But unfortunately for me, it's hard finding a skinny belt that doesn't make me feel, well...fat.As you know, I'm sure you can tell, I love to look at catwalk and street fashion all over the world.

The one common way that skinny belts are being worn is over a open button sweater. I have put up some examples of this in the post below to show you exactly what I mean. I have a couple on vintage skinny belts that I have collected from vintage second hand stores and tried it out the other day when I went for coffee with some friends and it actually looked great. I wore black simple LBD, a grey thin woolen open sweater and a dark tan skinny belt over the grey sweater, leaving the sweater unbuttoned and some black sheer stockings and black leather ankle boots..its looked great..I loved it!.

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