Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lenovo Deserves a Better Name

Lenovo shocked the whole word by buying the world's best computer brand ThinkPad. Why IBM decided to give up their personal PC department is not suspense anymore. Anyway, IBM will continue focusing on more advanced technology area, such as server, software etc. They are still the "big blue".

Now what makes us feel pity is the admirable and most famous PC brand name IBM and ThinkPad. Lenovo has gradually removed the name from its PC products, from the right corner logo to the screen logo, from the outside packing to the inner configuration part. Their aim is to totally delete the name and change it to Lenovo anyway.

But most foreigners think the name "Lenovo" is strange and not smooth to the lip. And since IBM holds a large number of loyal fans, who even willing to spend more money to purchase a old model ThinkPad computer only because the logo is original and perfect there.

Other advantages of the lenovo notebooks such as the latest configuration, and more lighter pc can't even be an attractive factor to them. It has caused old model computer with intact ThinkPad logo on it reach to a price rising period.

As to Lenovo's latest move to bring out their newest brand: IdeaPad. It really makes the ThinkPad fans uncomfortable since the two names are too similar and it makes people confused. Why not keep the original name ? It's not the right time for doing this in my eyes, and maybe after 5 or 10 years later when IBM fans are finally giving up their battle against their phychology.

The brand name Lenovo can't be changed anyway since it's too late. But as a Chinese myself, I still hope Lenovo can do a better job and give a more reasonable price to this IdeaPad series.

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