Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Women Love Chiffon Fabric

Fashion apparel made of chiffon is so hot this summer season. Despite the price to be a little higher, women still hold great enthusiasm to this chiffon fabric.

We love it!
Chiffon's biggest USP is the way it clings to the curves of the wearer and it is, in my opinion the perfect foil for our naturally curvy figures. I am talking real women here, size 10 upwards. Namita Manek, 30, a businesswoman buys sarees only in chiffon. She says," In my opinion unlike nylon fabric or other cotton fabric there's no fabric like chiffon to hide your body flaws and play up its best points. Especially chiffon sarees. I love my chiffon sarees with sequins and beads, they are downright glamorous and the colours are so pretty."

Tripti Ganatra, 25, an upcoming trousseau specialist, agrees with Namita, “I am into the business of putting together trousseaus for young brides and when I am planning the trousseaus I have seen that chiffons are a must-have. I am told to get sarees, lehengas, salwars and even western outfits in chiffon. For functions like the pre-wedding cocktail parties, chiffon fabric with heavy embroidery are hot favourites.”"

What's chiffon all about?

You could learn some Basic Information about Chiffon Fabric in my previous article.Chiffon is an artificial fabric created out of cotton or silk. It can also be created out of synthetic fibres. The best part about chiffon is that it can be dyed in any colour. Which is why you see chiffons in such beautiful shades. Though people prefer chiffons with lots of embroidery and threadwork, it is very difficult to get this done because of the slippery nature of the fabric. If you ask me, plain chiffons look the best.

Ajanta Sahani, boutique owner, finds chiffon salwar kameezes the fastest moving item in her store, “Whatever the season, I always have customers coming in and asking for chiffon outfits. I love chiffon. I am also very nostalgic about this fabric, as my mom, who is no more now, would wear only chiffon sarees and that too plain. She had them in all the colours possible and she would wear stunning accessories with it. I have never seen a more elegantly dressed woman than my mom. In fact, even people who didn’t know her, knew her as the woman in chiffons.”
So it looks like, chiffons will never really go out of wardrobes in India, age no bar!

Not only in india, chiffon is a fashion fabric around the world now. Women love this fabric expecially during summer time.


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