Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LED Lighting and The Beijing Olympic Opening Feast

For the first time ever in Olympic openings, Beijing used a technical monitoring system for program control of more than 18,000 performers through their identification codes. Light-emitting diodes (LED) were installed across the 20,000-square-meter National Stadium, better known as the Bird's Nest, to create an ideal multimedia environment, with storage cells backing up electricity supplies.

An LED screen 147 meters long and 22 meters wide was laid at the center of the ground, and about 44,000 colorful LED beads were embedded with a distance of 600 millimeters between each two. Tiny LED beads were also embedded on the costumes of performers who fan out to create a falling starry sky and a brightly-lit Bird's Nest.

There are two main applications of LED including "llumination" and "decoration" being used during the Olympic Games. However, the difference is the "proportion" it is used in the application. Besides, the "display" function of LED Lamp will be included as well.

LED play the "key role"

We have listed some LED applications, which are probably known to you by news related to the Olympic Games on TV. This includes:

1, Bejing National Aquatics Center- "Water Cube" which is integrated into the competition venue.
2, Illumination device of each venue.
3, The LED billboards which show the messages of various competitions in each venue.
4, The illuminations and decorations of "Bejing Olympic Park" such as the "Golden DRAGON LED".
5, The outdoor TV wall and the large LED billboard such as the "Morgan" of which the area is 3,400 square meters located in "Bejing Pangu Plaza", and the "Sky LED" is 7,500 square meters in "The Place" of Bejing.

6, The olympic openning feast, there was sea of people wearing LED lamp equipped Cotton T-Shirt that making a very amazing sights.

In addition to the above mentioned applications, we can also connect with others including "advertising billboard", "street lamps", and "traffic lights". However, the Chinese government has already started to carry out the landscape works in each city in order to welcome the Olympic Games. Undoubtedly, LED will be the "key role" in the works.

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