Thursday, August 28, 2008

Drinking in Style with IKEA Coffee Mug

In the world of coffee mugs and tumblers, it's not about discerning tastes; it's about function and style. Just take a quick look at the newest IKEA catalog: 16 different mugs and tumblers to choose from, some with handles, some with wide mouths, some small and dainty, even one called Älmhult that looks more like a tiny planter than something you'd pour coffee into.

Yet, according to industry experts, people want strange, stylish and sometimes even barely functional models. Crema, aroma, aftertaste: all afterthoughts.

I am passionate about IKEA. IKEA offers clever and functional design at a fair price. Our home has a few IKEA furniture items (newer and older) that have lasted quite well.

On design - I was enchanted with the design. I valued the difference in aesthetic design and clever engineering. IKEA’s growth is evidence that they provide value to customers.

I'm a big fan of efficiency. Many of their designs use materials that reduce cost, and the markets dictate that solid wood is too expensive. So their designs make use of materials made from pieces / parts from the larger lumberyard, for example. Isn’t efficiency a virtue as the human population dominates our planet? Especially when many people in the world cannot afford more expensive goods.

I'm also a big fan of quality. If we want higher quality furniture for our home, we plan our budget accordingly and shop elsewhere.

Possibly the least expensive and most innovative products from Norse furniture powerhouse Ikea is the TORFE What at first glance seems to be a simple ceramic mug hides a cunning piece of industrial design that solves a problem almost everyone has had to deal with; water pooling in the base of an upturned cup after washing. TORFE solves this issue with a small notch that allows water to trickle down the side instead of stagnating up top.

If you are really bothered by water pooling in the bottom of your mugs while they are in the dishwasher, IKEA has the solution. These mugs have a little notch on the bottom to prevent the pooling. The stoneware mugs are also stackable.

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