Monday, August 18, 2008

Not Focusing on Beijing Air Anymore

The fact speak for itself, beijing air is quite good for the olympics and even good beyong imagination. That's the result of much effort spent by the beijing govenment.
Beijing air quality has been the focus of foreign reporters since a long time ago. Even though Chinese government has tried every means possible to make the air clearer and better, some people still don't show any trust due to their deep prejudice about the air quality in Beijing. One athlete even declared to wear mask when coming to Beijing in order to protect his lung.
About those U.S. cyclists with gas masksI don't mean to judge them as people. They did the right thing in apologizing. But in wearing protective masks inside the Beijing airport they were acting like jerks.
Chinease effort to clean the air
“Beijing will be built into a liveable city,” Du said. “We will take some new measures to ensure that air quality will reach a new level after the Olympic Games.” Du said those measures would be announced after the Games end on Sunday, once officials had studied Beijing’s “successful experiences”.

“Whether it is automobile emissions reduction, or construction site dust reduction or coal pollution reduction, I believe that the requirements will be more stringent,” he said, naming three of the top sources of the air pollution that has bedeviled the fast-growing city of 15 million.
Beijing air been a focus and debate

Just before the Olympic begins, images of the Beijing skyline seemingly bathed smog and haze. The air have been a common sight on the world's TV screens in recent days and weeks. Foreign journalists with handheld air pollution detectors have been popping up on street corners checking levels of soot and dust. Everyone seems keen to prove that the city's air will be a decisive and debilitating factor for one of the world's most high-profile sporting events.

The debate about the Beijing games deserves more fair play than it has received. Indeed, real and, one hopes, long-lasting achievements have been made by the Beijing organising committee for the Olympic games, the city as a whole, the government, and the six provinces concerned. This is all the more remarkable when set against the city's double-digit economic growth and the fact that the games are being staged in a developing country, with all the social, economic, health, and environmental challenges this entails.

Other things to be considered about besides the Beijing air

There is lots of sports related stuff for people to care about like the quality of sports shoes or the sports cap; how the Olympic game opening ceremony is designed. We all fully aware that the Beijing Olympics pops up a lots brilliant design work that make the whole world surprise. Olympic is our pride. Fashion elements used in the Olympic design need to be studied. Decoration in the bird nest is amazing that we can bring a few elements into home decoration.

Beijing air quality getting better with more to be done

What they (China) have done is extraordinary: planting millions of trees between the Gobi Desert and Beijing, removing hundreds of thousands of polluting cars, closing polluting petrol stations I think they have done a commendable job. The statistics are very clear. The pollution levels are coming down. It is not yet perfect. (But) it is safe for the athletes."Rogge had a word of advice on the haze that shrouded Beijing a day before the start of the Olympics, too. There is a difference between the haze enveloping the city and damaging air pollution, he said, rubbishing claims to the contrary.What you see is the result of "humidity and heat", he said. It does not mean it "is the same as pollution".

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