Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pressure and Expectations for London 2012

The massive spectacle that Beijing put on for the Opening and closing ceremonies has shocked the whole world including Chinese people themselves. It's said that Beijing has put a lot of pressure on London 2012.

It's hard to imaging how London could possibly do to compare to the sheer scale of the Chinese efforts. Someone argue that maybe London don't need to match that scale, London will be excellent just by being itself. London could not compete with China on splendor and majesty of ceremony, nor should it be expected to.

Each opening and closing ceremony can be considered to be the self-narrative of the hosting country. The sheer scale of the Chinese ceremony was meant to induce a sense of China's ancient history and vast size and emerging power. I don't think that will be the case for London.

It's totally different case for the two countries, Beijing and London, for which the former has got a 5000 years' old cultural history to show to the whole world. So such a massive scale and size is suitable and at the same time Chinese performances are good at.

But London Olympic will have its unique side to manifest like having enough food at the venues; let all kinds of people protesting against anything, including the Queen's hair color and weight problems, and Charles' boldness. And, of course, free Scotland. No Internet blocking and full stadiums will make the London Games much better. Just for kidding here.

It is not how much you spend, not how many new buildings you build. It is allowing people having a good time that makes the Games. We will sure not having another Boring Olympics, or No Fun Olympics.

As the Chinese saying goes, Every field has its own zhuangyuan (the best scholar of the imperial examinations). China's ceremonies can be considered to be the 'zhuangyuan' of pomp and grandeur. I expect that England will try to become the 'zhuangyuan' of another field, and that the London ceremony will have distinctly London attributes.

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