Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little Fat Baby Dog are So Cute and Happy

They must be cute and tame when they grow up just like their momy.

I love the baby dog when they are so little and not even open their eyes, at that time, they are so cute and innocent and it makes your inner soft heart beating when you saw their little fat head.

But keeping the whole big dog family at home is a big headache. It's not just the food supply that matters, but it all worth it, since the little angels will give you lots of happy expericences, you may even feeling a little disppointment when you give them to others.

If you are lucky and your momy dog is brilliant enough, you may even pick one for training as a guild dog though it's a rare chance happened. It reminds me of the japanese movie called "Quills". Don't they. If you haven't seen this movie, then act and see it, which is heart touching and moving your inner part.

You will have to buy lots of pet supplies like pet toys or pet food to maintain a good order of the big family, first paint different colors to their bugs just like the picture showed, so cute and practical.

Paint them with different colors, so you won't serve one of them too much food when totally forgeting the others.

Garden Patio Design Reflects Personal Taste and Lifestyle

Even everything else is regular and going the same like always, you still got your garden patio area to put all your crazy ideas and imagination into reality.

The home little garden is your place, you decide. The most important decor elements in the patio area is the patio furniture. The furniture should be cozy, yet anti-water since at most times, it is in the outdoors not indoors. As to the colors, it should be not easily faded when facing the sun too long time.

Another you should take care of is the little ornaments gadgets such as a cute planter or a polyresin animal stuff to put in some corner to give you nice feelings and to make the whole design seem lively and animated.

Other garden supplies such as the garden lighting is also required, solar light is always the first choice when taking about lighting in the garden since it's eco friendly and yet enegy save.

You also need to do pest control work carefully, because you don't want the mosquito or other unnamely creatures to disturb your peaceful mind there.

Just Love Oranges, Yummy and with Cute Color

Orange is my favorite fruit in the world. Now is the best season to eat fresh oranges since it's the best time for orange growing.

Orange is loaded with vitamins, and the most abundant vitamin in orange is Vitamin C. This powerful vitamin protect our body against harmful elements. Women all aware of that.

Oranges contain an array of phytochemicals, which help fight age-related diseases. That must be a great news for women.

Many people love to drink oringe juice. I'd rather eat the fresh one, not juice them to keep as many helpful elements as possible, and eat the orignal fruit orange is more tasty and fun.
If you got a garden, why not trying growing some oranges there, it will not require lots of tedious gardening work and garden supplies, and it will give you great surpise when the nice fruits coming maturer beautifully, with their pretty bright yellow color smilling at you. You can't deny that they are a lovely view and color in the garden.

Since orange can be preserved a long time, unlike many other fragile fruits, so people like to put several oranges in the dinner set, and put them in the sofa table or somewhere noticeble, to give you a nice feeling when you get home, the color is really cute and the flavor is even nicer.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Your Garden Offers The Path to Silence

The green vison set our feeling to be silent and peaceful, that's why people cherich their little green garden area, where is the paradise of your heart. (心灵花园)

You will never regret the time invested into decorating your garden and the plants maintainance job, because you are enjoying life at the same time when working in the garden.

In your garden, you breath in fresher air, taken notice of the wonders of various plants and little creatures. You can even communicate with your dog more happily in the garden.

Better garden area needs great garden supplies, you can't design them with your bare hands, it requires garden hand tools.

You lawn needs garden lawn mower. Your plants needs cutters and scissors. Your uniqure lifestyles need to be created with lots of garden outdoor furnitures and ornaments supplies such as the patio, the solar lighting, flower planter with cute styles and so on.

If you wish it to be practical, you could plant vegetables, very healthy to eat since you would unlikely posion youself like some evil sellers did.

Actually it's a big constrution. You may enjoy the process of creating your dreamed place from the little begining.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well Designed Yummy Food Stuffed into Cute Dinner Set

Never thought food could be so well designed just like an art. It must be made with heart and love.

Just like a baby would love the "Smile" Food Box, we definitely would eat more happier like a child if served with food with yummy style and stuffed into a never-so-cute dinner set just like the picture showd, do you?

Or if I'm too childish and naive, but keeping a younger heart is a way to stay younger, don't you think?

So if you got a kid that brings a dinner box everday to school or it's just youself would prepare one for workdays, I suggest you to try to stay away from munotonous precedure just for some day, because life needs a little surprice and difference as well as a bit of creativity once in a while.

Begin with buying a cute and practical dinner box for bring out or dinner set for home use, then do a little magic trick to your food. It won't spare you so much time, anyway, it's enjoying life if your think otherwise. And for your kid, they would be more happier when seeing this lunch and eat more definitely.

Cute Indoor Shoes Make You Feeling Like a Happy Child

Whenever I'm at home, totally belonging to myself, I will first set my tired feet free.

Change a soft and cute slipper to relax again after a tedious day.

The home shoes now have many crazy patterns and styles to choose from, but most important thing I cared about is its comportablity and since it's cold winter now, I would pay attention to its warm keeping quality.

Maybe you don't quite notice the fact that a pair of cute and cozy slippers would give you a nice mood in some extent. So that's why there is such a varity of crazy colors and styles you can't even have imagined of.

For ome adults who still keeps a children mind in your inner heart, stop envy, why not act by trying wearing a pair of never-so-cute slippers to feel younger again, a pair of shoes that similar like children shoes except the size bigger.

This winter, I find a lot of warmy slippers with a big catoon character attached on the slipper like a Hello Kitty or Teddy Bear and so on, makes you love at first sight.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tempting Mutton Recipe that Warms You in Winter

The temperature has dropped up to 8 degree suddenly in our place. Cold winter is coming whether you like it or not.

Different season will change our eating habit a little bit. It's time for mutton to enter our dinning table.

Mutton is your great food companison for cold winter season since it got the special features about it that can nourishes the blood, warms the kidneys.

There is no other nation that can make such a variety of mutton diet except the Chinese people.We have mutton soup, mutton slices s to go with the hot pot, baked mutton meat.....; lots of tempting recipes that would make the western people envy and wander.

I have to mention the mutton soup especially. As to its orgin, it is an extremely popular cultural food in Xian. Few people come to Xian without trying it. You just can't resist its fragrance and love it. It's served in nearly every restarants in Xian, where mutton soup maybe the most authentic and tasty in China.

There is saying going on that: Have a bowl of mutton soup on a freezing street in winter is the best thing to do in the world. It is extremely delicious and keeps you warm.

Without trying it, you'd better not consider it as gross and ugly, there is certainly some people think so, most of them is westerners. They can be nice and yummy at the same time just as the picture shows. Oh, there is also some people including chinese that can't bear to eat such a lovely and gentle animal like sheep, but for gods sake, sheep is not kept as a pet, unlike a dog. I can't bear eating dogs anyway.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Old and Terrific Chinese Cookware - Claypots

Cook gently and slowly. Food made by heart is the most delicious.

You definitely want to have the Chinese claypot to make one special dinner for your loved ones.

The claypot cooking style is for cooking just about anything you like slowly and gently while retaining the juices and flavor.

Did you know Clay Pot cooking goes back thousands of years and was used by most of the early civilizations including the Etruscans, Romans, and Chinese.

Archaeologist in China keep discovering many old old clay pots with a variety of sizes and shapes in ancient relics. Claypot still serves as a common cookware set now in Chinese people's eating lifestyle. They are expecially best at keeping the original flavor and scent of the food itself. One of the classic dishes that most chinese loves to eat is the claypot chicken rice.

Now westerners seems to be more intersted in this classic Chinese cookware set, but due to different eating cultures, many of the ordinary people in the west don't quite familiar as how to use this cookware and also know little about the recipe that goes well with it.

So westerners have a lot to learn, I recommend westerner to begin with tasting some of the classic claypot dish. You won't regret it anyway.