Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tempting Mutton Recipe that Warms You in Winter

The temperature has dropped up to 8 degree suddenly in our place. Cold winter is coming whether you like it or not.

Different season will change our eating habit a little bit. It's time for mutton to enter our dinning table.

Mutton is your great food companison for cold winter season since it got the special features about it that can nourishes the blood, warms the kidneys.

There is no other nation that can make such a variety of mutton diet except the Chinese people.We have mutton soup, mutton slices s to go with the hot pot, baked mutton meat.....; lots of tempting recipes that would make the western people envy and wander.

I have to mention the mutton soup especially. As to its orgin, it is an extremely popular cultural food in Xian. Few people come to Xian without trying it. You just can't resist its fragrance and love it. It's served in nearly every restarants in Xian, where mutton soup maybe the most authentic and tasty in China.

There is saying going on that: Have a bowl of mutton soup on a freezing street in winter is the best thing to do in the world. It is extremely delicious and keeps you warm.

Without trying it, you'd better not consider it as gross and ugly, there is certainly some people think so, most of them is westerners. They can be nice and yummy at the same time just as the picture shows. Oh, there is also some people including chinese that can't bear to eat such a lovely and gentle animal like sheep, but for gods sake, sheep is not kept as a pet, unlike a dog. I can't bear eating dogs anyway.

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