Monday, December 1, 2008

Old and Terrific Chinese Cookware - Claypots

Cook gently and slowly. Food made by heart is the most delicious.

You definitely want to have the Chinese claypot to make one special dinner for your loved ones.

The claypot cooking style is for cooking just about anything you like slowly and gently while retaining the juices and flavor.

Did you know Clay Pot cooking goes back thousands of years and was used by most of the early civilizations including the Etruscans, Romans, and Chinese.

Archaeologist in China keep discovering many old old clay pots with a variety of sizes and shapes in ancient relics. Claypot still serves as a common cookware set now in Chinese people's eating lifestyle. They are expecially best at keeping the original flavor and scent of the food itself. One of the classic dishes that most chinese loves to eat is the claypot chicken rice.

Now westerners seems to be more intersted in this classic Chinese cookware set, but due to different eating cultures, many of the ordinary people in the west don't quite familiar as how to use this cookware and also know little about the recipe that goes well with it.

So westerners have a lot to learn, I recommend westerner to begin with tasting some of the classic claypot dish. You won't regret it anyway.

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