Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Should Women Learn from Cats

Every woman is a homeless cat, waiting your loved ones to bring you home.

Women has too much in common with cats, there is always a saying that women and cats are such a similar creature. So, ladies, learn from cats then. I lists the cats virtures below, imaging what a top lady you would be if you got all these tempraments.

*There is no truly ugly women, only lazy ones. (没有丑女人,只有懒女人). Keeping a pleasant apperance takes time, just see how much time a cat spares to do its body care everyday. Your need beauty accessories just like a cat favor pet supplies.

* Cats pretends to not see someone they dislike, so do you; accept the fact that not all people like you.

*Cats never comes to you right away upon your calling, unlike dog. So ladies, not trust your friends that much, but independence is required.

* Cats' favorite passtime is to look at little birds, chasing butterflies, let the world be your pleasure ground. So ladies, remember where the sunshine is better and keep your curiosity with you always.

* No matter how busy it is, there is always nap time for cats. So ladies, pick a cozy place to lay around when you are feeling tired. Don't push yourself so hard.

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