Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do You Online Shopping Today

During current US Financial Crisis, Chinese people's shopping desire and mode has become more reseasonal, at least to some people.

People save money they don't necessarily need to spend, but since many daily use items can't be deleted from our life, and those CRI still grows out of control, many people need to figure out a wise way to try to reach a balance between limited money and ever-growing demand.

That is - Online Shopping

The honest question people used to fear about online shopping is now turning mild, because this C2C mode has been around 10 years in China already, many problems has been solved by time passing. There is so many good sellers waiting there with cheaper and nolvetly items. Even in the America, people DIY their own clothing through buying textile and fabric from websites.

I myself had many successful online shopping experience, so I'm kind of a professionist now. It makes my life full of surpirse and it's time-saving. Apart from apparel accessories, I nearly purchase anything online, expecailly I like home stuff and kithen stuff.

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