Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pretty in Fancy or Sophisticated Gloves

Summer is over, and winter is just around the corner. Are you got your warm set ready to cope with the cold weather ?

Not only we beaufiful girls need warm, we also need grace and style.

If you are a true styleaholic, you are already right up on this trend.. gloves darling! They are everywhere this season and no I'm not talking about those woolly, warm mitts or work gloves..I'm speaking about elbow length, satin gloves with vintage threading; metallic fingerless motorcycle gloves, soft buttery gloves in dark greens with white capped collars; hot pink tranny gloves and more!

I'm a fan of the black because they look biker-chic, but they also come in brown, violet, and orange. Soft, warm and stylish, I'd be tempted to keep them on inside. Black leather gloves is classic, but you should care more about the style of it.

Do you have long leather gloves? I never really thought much about multi-length hand and arm covers until last weekend when I needed something to stave off the chill in my ¾ sleeve evening coat. Not only are long gloves more elegant than shorties, they’re so obviously more functional with the insanely vast portfolio of coat sleeves in your closet these days.

Apparently, there are all kinds of fancy gloves out there for those aiming to skip the surgical look.

Yum. Go Pick your pair to stay in the trend.


"Qcloud" said...

This photo is an art.

cuffedfk said...

i love this pic. would love to find this pair of gloves for a special lady in my life.

Anonymous said...

It's totally free:

Anonymous said...

Where can I get some gloves just like these but inexpensive?