Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nice Gloves to Give You a Warm Winter

Time to look for the winter gloves.

Womens' hands is her second face, so we need to protect it well and carefully.

If not for warm purpose, gloves stilll serves as a great fashion accessory for those fashion geek to keep you stay in the trend.

In this case, you should choose the fingerless gloves, because they are enterning the fashion trend circle this year 2008.

Gone are the days of fingerless gloves being associated with homeless people, they are now chic and can pull together any mundane ensemble.

Sure they won't keep you as warm as a pair of regular gloves will, but this is fashion people ... we don't do practical. They do have some "practical" elements to them, for example: you can use your Blackberry with ease, you wear them indoors and peck away at your laptop, you can even give people wet willies (okay, that was gross but I was running out of "practical" things.)

For a larger part of people, we mainly buy gloves for practical purpose, which is to keep our hands dry and warm?When I know that I will be work outside for an extended period of time in the cold, I try to stock up on hand warmers. They are placed inside your gloves and are pretty effective. You could even place them inside the pockets of your jackets for some added boost of heat. You won't be sorry. Sometimes, I just pick one pair of mundane because my work requries it.

I'm always a little disappointed when spendy gloves stop being waterproof, and start taking on water. Then they take forever to dry, are harder to get on & off, etc. Oh, I hope the desingers can solve this problem better.

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