Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tote Bag with Feelings

Do you want to have several bags that have different "feelings" to go with your everyday mood? Sounds cute, but it can be done.

When you are feeling happy today, you could bring a bag with you such like the left picture showed, which has a cute grimace. Otherwise, there is also "sad", "cool" feeling bags available too.

Those bags with "feelings" are often made of cheaper fabric such as cotton, nylon, pu, seldom use genuine leather. Leather handbags is often for office lady when going work. In this way, you could buy lots of them without spending too much.

Fashion trends associated with bags are varible and colorful. This year, people still lovs big big bag, so there is lots of leather tote bag to go with the "Big Bag" fashion. But there is another trend going on, which is collecting bag with feelings, expecially welcomed by younger girls or childrens.

Even you don't want to carry them to office, you still wanna collect them. It's perfect for going shopping, to the surpermarket or some leisure place. We could call it tote bag too. Personally, I LOVE Ogio Totes…they're cute but very functional. I have one now but I think I am going to get a black one for when it's winter time. They can fit your books and/or your laptop. It keep everything nice and organized with it's labeled pockets. They have new ones every year so there's a good assortment.

Cute bag, Nice choice !

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