Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Smile" Food Box to Please Your Baby

To make sure your baby has a healthy meal is every mom's big deal. But let your baby eat more happily and eat with smile is also important.

To achieve this purpose, the simple way is to replace the stiff food box with the lovely ones such as the one showed in the left pictures.

It's a food box with feelings itself and it can easily touch the curiosity sense of your baby, who will soon in love with it and eat with smile.

The food box in the picture has three sections to seperately placing different food, and it can be easily assembled and detached. What's more, it is also cleverly designed to fit the heating demand and easy cleaning.

I'm not selling any products here, just pouring my thoughts about this food box, which is very cute. But concerning the material which made it, I have to say it's better to change it to stainless steel or other more healthy material, not plastic material now used. In the market, it's hard to find stainless steel lunch box or food box or other tableware with very cute design. Most food box with nice colors would be plastic, I wonder if it is healthy or not.

I personly love stainless lunch box or stainless kitchenware. This is great for parents who are looking to avoid unecessary materials that will most likely rot in a landfill and contaminate the water supply. I have got one that is small enough to carry around and not be too bulky, yet big enough to hold a sandwich and a few snacks. The only thing about this is that it's not insulated so by the time children was ready to eat his lunch, he had to eat his chicken cold.

You may be able to squeeze a hot or cold pack in there, but it would be a tight fit. This is probably a better lunch box for an older kid, maybe one in high school, as I am going to venture to guess that it's total utilitarian look isn't going to appeal to the kid that wants the latest hot cartoon character or something a little more fun. But it's definitely form and function.

So, for Cute or for Function, that is a problem.

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