Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Irresistible Charm for China Silk Scarf

The picture in the left show a girl wearing silk dress and carrying a stylish handbag with silk scarf beautifully attached on.

The whole picture reflects the charm of chinese silk. Now silk clothing, silk scarf are all in fashion for so many years because of its quality to be soft, cozy, elegance, noble and so on.

As I have written in the post called silk scarf to add elegance and style, some girl would very much like to wrap their silk scarf to the handbag to make it eye-catching and special instead of wrap their own neck. I personally facy this kind of action too.

Spun by mulberry silkworms, silk is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. Owing to its triangular cross-section and rounded corners, it reflects light at many angles, giving it a shiny appearance. Because of these properties, silk is one of the most loved fibers in the textile industry. In addition, silk is a good moisture absorber, making it cool to the skin.

A timeless piece: the refined silk scarf

This piece is all the rage for fall, and is likely influenced by the classy and powerful ladies in the political spotlight (and not the call girls, thank you very much). Silk scarf can be worn by pioneers young and old and in many different ways this summer and fall.

It's therefore understandable that among the most enduring fashion accessories are these versatile items. For sure, fashion designs will evolve through time; but one thing is certain too: we will continuously witness silk scarves serving as highlights or playing a major component in many of these trends.

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