Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fashion Never Ends - Denim Jeans

Jeans never seem to be out of fashion. They are casual and gives you a slimmer body shape. Fashion designers are adding creative elements on them every year such as putting bling accessories on or rub it old.

Now fall season is coming. One of the hottest trends for chilly weather that has been sticking around for a few seasons is tucking your jeans into your boots. The easiest and cleanest way to achieve this look is with a super skinny pair of jeans. A Jodphur clip (a stir-up with elastic clip typically used when riding horses) is the most effective and comfortable way to tuck your jeans into boots whether the jean is a skinny or straight leg, paired with a tight or slouchy boot!

Whereas in the past summer, the hottest trend seems to be Show off those legs during the cooler fall days! Denim shorts paired with tights is the hot.

Whether you wear them with flats, wedges or boots, this style can be personalized in so many ways. With all the bold colors and patterned tights available right now, the possibilities are endless!

It seems the fashion with jeans never ends.

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