Sunday, October 12, 2008

Curtain Fabric Loved By Young Chinese

When making the room decoration, choosing a nice and right curtain is vitally important. You have to pay attention to the curtain fabric, color, pattern design and if it fits your room or your temperament well.

Window curtains are so much more than material to cover windows. Although they do serve a functional purpose such as adding privacy, limiting the sunlight coming into the room and aiding in the area of heating and cooling, curtains are also a decorative tool used by many homeowners to enhance their living quarters. However, many home decorators use window curtains as a stunning focal point in a room.

Bishop Sleeves - Elegant window treatment that has a rod pocket curtain with extra length used for blousing. Used with tiebacks, bishop sleeves help frame a window. The best type of curtain fabric is literally anything that would create a soft, draping fold.

Craft curtains - Typically used in kitchens, craft curtains have a piece of fabric stretched between two thin rods. Although you can again use any type of curtain fabric, cotton, chenille, and lace are all great choices.
Grommet Top Curtains - These curtains are hung from eyelets sewn into the fabric on the top. These curtains look great with both rustic and contemporary furnishings. As far as curtain fabric, you would need to choose what matches the room. For example, for something casual, you could use heavier cotton while for a rich, sophisticated room, velvet or even tapestry.
Hourglass Curtains - These curtains are held taught between sash rods at both top and bottom of the curtains, giving it the hourglass shape. Typically, these curtains use light sheers, gauze, or any type of curtain fabric that is airy and light.
Pocket Rod Curtains - These curtains have a pocket sewn on the top where the rod is inserted. Pocket rod curtains have a tailored look, which is why curtain fabric is typically heavier such as chenille, tapestry, jacquard, and so on.

Priscilla Curtains - Make extra wide with ruffled tiebacks, you typically see Priscilla curtains made from curtain fabric that is light such as cotton.
The most cool curtain fabric I have found is chiffon fabric. It's so thin, and is often combinded with other material to make the outer layer of the curtain. If feels so soft and loved by young girls greatly.

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