Monday, October 27, 2008

Silk Scarf to Add Elegance and Style

Now comes autumn season in China. It's the perfect season to wear silk scarves, a nice decoration to make your neck more elegant and your whole look more feminine or lovely.

Among all kinds of scarves made from different material, I was very much satisfied with the silk scarf. As with scarves of a moderate size, there's almost no limit to how you wear it. I've worn it quite a number of different ways on my neck, 'd tied it to my bag on days that were too hot for scarves; I only wish I have more to go round. One particular way that was a favourite of mine is to tie it in a loose tie-knot. Instead of pulling it all the way to the neck, I let it hang loose, terrific.

We need to be very careful when choosing the colors, it depends on what apparel you want to wear to fit it, or otherwise, make the silk scarf fits your clothing color.

2008 is the year to be colorful without being overly flamboyant. The latest fashion in silk scarf colors are colors that bright and clear, fun and outrageous. This means you must have lemon, gold or yellow scarf colors in your wardrobe.

However, if you are yearning for a more traditional look, then navy, red and white are colors that can be worn with formals as well as casual wear. Also, black and white are two colors that exude sophistication and style. These two colors are timeless are tend to be in vogue every season and every year.

Striped scarves are making a big comeback and are reminiscent of the fantastic 70s as they add a classic touch to any plain colored outfit.

Printed silk scarves are hot this season with large oversized florals. Look for scarves with large daisies, tea roses, orchids or cabbage roses. Pink, yellow and red are favored colors this season and you will mostly find florals in these colors. You can contrast these bright colors with mellow colored outfits.

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