Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heartbroken Family Lost Their Child and Blame Hospital Doctor on Duty

Some hopeless family has posted this on net: November 5, 2009 afternoon, a tragedy happened in a Children’s hospital, but we the common people will not see it in today’s newspapers or from major media. It’s not that we didn’t ask for help, but there was no one helping us. Posting this in hope of friends in the society can support us, to make people responsible at the hospital step up, to make the major media step up including our beloved 110 (police) also step up.

Thanks for the internet, now the incident has reached a widespread awareness at least all the major media has made it clear to all public in Nanjing and other cities.

We can't know the real reason behind the death of the child, maybe it catched some unkown disease that beyond what the doctors can do, but according to what we have heard, many people think the doctors on duty should take some of the responsibilities.

It's said the on duty doctor was playing games that time and declined the 3 time's plea by the family for calling the doctors to check their baby.

Quite curious what this will end to the public.

Keep Waking, Avoid Morning Jam

Morning Jam is a global problem unless you are living in some less densenly populated city. But it's just a fair deam if you living in some big Chines cities. The road to office is not that easy at all. One hour is basic for some citizens.

Some people are so lucky that they could live near their work office, that's nice since you won't have to join the subway crowd or the terrible public bus that will stuck in the road for half hours not moving with you standing there in the middle of the crowd.

Why there is always jam even thought roads are build more and more, broader and boader at the same time. Individual car is so many, that's the problem.

Every family desire of owning a car, but unless they got one, they won't realize the trouble the car also brings, you still get late to work when driving to work, and you are so troubled about how to park your car. You are also been annoyed by the ever increasing oil price once in a while.

So counting on your two foot, keep walking seem to be the best way. (just joke).