Sunday, November 9, 2008

Crocs Shoes Have Given Your Kids a Colorful Summer

I have always wonder why Crocs shoes have been so popular in such a short time in China this year 2008.

Crocs shoes has quickly occupied many important locations of the large shopping center here in our city.

Have many people just bought one pair for curiosity or for its rich color ? Crocs shoes certainly cover various colors that you can imagine.

So it's great gift for kids. It got great selection of both sandals and children shoes in variety of colors and styles for both boys and girls of all ages. Crocs are the most popular with children.

Kids actually write in to the Crocs company with testimonials of how comfortable the shoes are, how much they like the styles, and one little girl was actually photographed holding her crayons in the holes of the shoes to show that they are comfortable, yet functional just like sneekers or basketball shoes.

When it comes to Crocs, you will come across people who either hate them or love them. There is hardly any in-between. Some people think they are bulky and unappealing. Most people who love them think they are one of the best inventions ever made. So, the choice is yours!

I have to admit that I find them ugly, but I will not mind wearing once a little while when in leisure time just for fun and a different kind of feeling.

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