Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Cup of "Soymilk" Daily Makes a Nation Strong

Not so long ago, there is a popular slogan going on in China by Chinese milk giant: Mengliu milk corp. The slogan goes like this: "A cup of milk Daily makes a nation strong".

Now, as the "Sanlu" poisonous incident (三鹿奶粉事件)surprises the whold nation, the slogan above can only be seen as a laughing stock.

Since the govenment has taken instant measures to make this thing smooth, we now can drink safe milk. In fact, I feel the most safe food in China should be milk now because of the restrict inspections going on in the milk industry.

But, it's clearly to see that people's enthusiasm with milk has declinded tremendously. In fact, as Chinese people, we have a better alternative, which is "soymilk", which I have written about in my previous post titled healthy soymilk as chinese "milk" .

If you want to get evidence that people are turning their drinking choice to soymilk, just go to the supermarket and see how those "soymilk machine" has achieved sales miracles again and again. Among the buyers, the moms be a lot of them.

This home DIY soymilk machine is easily to handle and simple to clean, some with transparent material to let you see what's going on inside when you are making soymilk. It's really interesting and most importantly, the flavor of the DIY soymilk is a lot better than the ones bought from outside, and more healthy too.

I got one soymilk machine recently and it has given me a happy morning everyday.

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