Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life as Red - China Red in Apparel Design

Chinese culture adore red so much. That's why we fancy red color on wedding days or other special days.

In the nation's opinion, red is tightly connected with the sun, accordingly, red stands for auspiciousness and jubilance. Red are representing a good beginning and a brisk trade. The house of high officials and nobles in antiquity are called “朱门”; the clothes of them are “朱衣”.

In morden life, chinese traditional red are enjoying greater popularity and many fashion apparel designers are creatively utilise this color, and mixed in the fabric with many pattern and styles that full of chinese elements. Knitted fabric is very popular in china for daily use and decoration.

The dress showed in the left picture is some good evidence about this. The dress looks great and it is a combination of traditional classic and morden design. The sofa in the picture also has amazing patterns and made of nylon fabric.

In traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, the bridegroom sticks a big red flower on his chest. These red clothes not only bring joyous to the wedding, but also indicate the couples will have a bright future and a happy life.

Now, many young chinese couple many wear western white wedding dresses and suit, but this chinease old tradition has not changed at all, many packing material used in the wedding are in red color. Red wine are popular in wedding ceromoney partly due to this reason.