Monday, November 3, 2008

Comfort and Style Matters When Choosing Nightwear

The most comfortable thing for me is to wear a soft sleep dress at home on rest time, lazy and cozy.

Cotton fabric is used more often to make sleep dress, and silk fabric is more expensive and enjoyed by many rich people too.

Every girl has her personal version of nightwear. For many women, it consists of very unglamorous large t-shirts and knit pants. We might indulge in something sexier like silk lingerie, but then only wear it on special occasions. But for everyday, we just pull out the cozy cotton stuff and hop into bed.

Silk lingerie is a sensual choice for special occasions. Many of us had silk for our wedding lingerie. However, as a natural fiber, silk is a great option for everyday ladies' nightwear as well. Silk lingerie is comfortable and lightweight. Yet silk can also be very warm. You don't need to wear that bulky flannel nightgown to bed, try a simple silk one instead. You might be pleasantly surprised; your bed partner certainly will be.

For all the style mavens out there, your nightwear has the potential to make quite a fashion statement. Consumer studies have shown that comfort and price are becomingly increasingly less important to those purchasing lingerie. Fashion and style are becoming top priorities, and designers are responding to this trend. They're looking to clothing trends to inspire their nightwear collections.

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