Thursday, November 13, 2008

Love Your Shoes and It Will Love You

Do you love your shoes? A comfortable shoes that you loved will definitely gives you a great feeling.

Shoes and Personality

Whether you're a sexy stiletto-heel wearer or a fan of sporty sneakers, your shoes speak volumes about your personality.

According to research, Mindset Media revealed that people who purchased more than three pairs of shoes a year are likely to be assertive and spontaneous leaders.

To keep your shoes from making you look like a snooze even if you're a snazzy lady, check out this fun guide to help you figure out what your heels reveal so that you can match your feelings to your flip flops and your boots to your behavior.

Shoes to have in your winter wardrobes
A staple of most winter wardrobes, particularly if you work in an office environment is the black court shoe. Looking for the perfect black shoes seems easy enough but you'd be surprised how difficult it can be to find shoes that go with skirts, pants and jeans.
The heels can't be too high as even in an office there is some walking even if it is only to the photocopier or coffee machine. A dress may have a different effect if one is wearing high heels, platforms, boots or ballerina pumps. It may look elegant, modern, light or smart. A pair of jeans can be returned to flat boots, teamed up with loafers or, ballet pumps, basketball shoes or tennis shoes or even worn heels (provided they are not skinny jeans!) And examine all be transformed.
Obviously, we must take into account practicality, comfort, style and looks. Not everyone will be able to wear the same shoes type.There is One Pair of Shoe That Made for You. If you are large, high heels, the focus will be on your size.

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