Tuesday, November 4, 2008

DIY Your Christmas Gift Box or Gift Baskets

For lots of Americans, year 2008 is a "sad" year. The global financial crisis of 2008 is getting their lives hard.

Saving money and cutting the unneccessary demands becomes mainstream. This rules apply to the christmas gift choice and packing too.

If you haven't tried DIY, this year is for the first time try, you will find it not just saving money, but also can make the gift more personal and more favored, because a Christmas gift basket is more intimate when personalized or customized.

I would take about gift box DIY mainly, since the packing is the first impression you gave other people, so it's crucial. We can use our newspaper to wrap up gifts, use a jump rope instead of ribbon for a child's gift, use a towel to wrap up a bottle of wine, tie up gifts with ponytail holders or silk, use greeting cards for gift tags, and use old calendar pages as gift wrap.Basically, anything that you have in your house can be given a second purpose and be used to wrap up your Christmas gifts.

When praperaing the gift box or baskets, first think of a theme. Find out the recipient's interests. If unsure, choose neutral items but adding a touch of femininity or masculinity to add a bit of intimacy to the recipient.

It is best to consider the recipient's hobbies. You can choose items that are helpful to what interests him/her.

You can also minimize costs if you can be resourceful on some of the items you use in your gift basket, such as the basket. You may just redecorate them and voila, it is as good as new. Or you may get them from garage sales or thrift stores.

You don't have to overdo the decorations. When it is all done, although elegantly made, you will find out that they are even less expensive than the other gifts. And if you run short of time, you may find a variety of these Christmas gift baskets online.


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