Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Home Little Garden - Your Place, You Decide

A large portion of western families own their own little garden area around the house, where some rich people certainly owns a more bigger size.

In China, it's such a rare chance that we would own a privite garden for our own, especially in the big city, maybe bacause of the big population problem and we are often stuffed into the little apartments.

But in China's rural area, the garden may be very common, even sometimes it may seem more like a vegatable center :), so functinal. But if you like and can spare a little time and effort, you can make it a little paridise for you to rest in a lazy sunday afternoon or a better place to sooth the mood after every busy day.

Your garden is your place, so you decide. (你的地盘你做主). You decide the style, the color, the plants type........, all that can make you feeling better.

I recently started a new online garden shop for garden supplies. There is not only usefull garden supplies but also providing you many gardening tips.

My mom has turned our garden into a 100% vegetable garden, and I persuaded her to do some planting job but seem not to be successful. It seems eating fresh vegetable is more important than beautiful views to my mom.

Or, is that our garden is really too small and not worth decorating for, anyway, I'd better do the ornament job myself. There should be more green stuff around our house soon, even in the walls, I will try to make the walls green too. Not that hard since there is a kind of plants that works well.

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