Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Knitting Wool Hat - Nice and Natural

It's an old Chinese tradition to knit sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves by ourselves.

In this DIY way, we could choose wool thread with greater quality and pick the patterns we favored.

Besides, it's natural, healthy and specially warm, because it's made by heart. (健康,环保,又温馨)

But not very young people in China master this old skills very well now, even though some old ladies still do.

Winter is coming, and it seems this year, the handmade knit hat is popular again. Many people, including many weasterners, are in love of this kind of DIY craft.

Is it due to the damn financial crisis (金融危机), which force us to save money in every possible means ? Maybe, since the other day, I heard in the TV that a lot of Americans now made clothing themselves, using the fabric and textile materail they bought from some kind of website. Sound crazy, but it's true. Oh, It seems DIY and Handmade have been a increasing trend. If you wish to, much daily use items can be DIYed.

My mom will knit items for me every winter, from sweater to hats to all kinds of apparel accessories possible. Sometimes, if I don't quite like some sweater, the wool thread can be taken apart and been knitted all over again.

Material recyled and so eco friendly, doesn't it ?

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