Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little Fat Baby Dog are So Cute and Happy

They must be cute and tame when they grow up just like their momy.

I love the baby dog when they are so little and not even open their eyes, at that time, they are so cute and innocent and it makes your inner soft heart beating when you saw their little fat head.

But keeping the whole big dog family at home is a big headache. It's not just the food supply that matters, but it all worth it, since the little angels will give you lots of happy expericences, you may even feeling a little disppointment when you give them to others.

If you are lucky and your momy dog is brilliant enough, you may even pick one for training as a guild dog though it's a rare chance happened. It reminds me of the japanese movie called "Quills". Don't they. If you haven't seen this movie, then act and see it, which is heart touching and moving your inner part.

You will have to buy lots of pet supplies like pet toys or pet food to maintain a good order of the big family, first paint different colors to their bugs just like the picture showed, so cute and practical.

Paint them with different colors, so you won't serve one of them too much food when totally forgeting the others.