Saturday, January 3, 2009

Modal Towel - Touch Like Your Second Face

Chinese new year is coming and I bet every Chinese would like to collect new and exquisite household items to make your everyday life more comfortable and to start the 2009 with fresh feelings.

Today I wanna talk about the towels, the important items that we would touch everyday. So a great towel may give a great touch feeling and nice mood. Since towel is also the items that we would frequently replaced for the sake of healthy reasons, so new year would be the best time to buy youself a new Modal towel set.

I'm sure many of you have already heard about MODAL, but a surprising number of people have told me that they do not know what it is. Modal® is a bio-based fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees. It is about 50% more hygroscopic, or water-absorbent, per unit volume than cotton is. It is designed to dye just like cotton, and is color-fast when washed in warm water.

In general, Model is a super soft, light, silky fabric that is made of 100% cellulose, extracted from the beechwood tree. Not only does the fabric have the benefits of being 100% natural, and therefore exempt from objections involving the synthetic textile industry (well, casting deforestation aside, I suppose...but I have witnessed the effects of a nearby DuPont plant while an undergrad at ain't pretty), but the fabirc has the added quality of wicking away sweat from the body - night/cold sweats are a thing of the past. Additionally, it supposedly stands up to repeated harsh washings and dryings better than other fabrics. There's nothing better than the feeling of climbing into bed on a hot summer night into a cool set of silky sheets that comfortably cling to your body...and they're great for the winter too.

Many people would never consider anything but white bath towel. White towels are classic, they remind us of our favorite spa or hotel, they evoke a clean and tranquil feeling. I personally love white bath towels too, since it's not been dyed with color, more natural and clean. So a Model white bath towel set or face towel would be on my purchasing list. I will compare the prices between online C2C site like (This great C2C site only can be used in China, oh oh oh) and the surpemarkets, and I probably would buy towels on line instead of surpermakets. Oh, I'm a crazy online purchaser, a wise and brilliant one anyway.