Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life on The Road Again for 2009

According to Chinese traditional calendar, the new year 2009 has just begun for less than 10 days. So everything has got a fresh new start and you get all the vigor back again after a long 7 days rest at home with family, eating well enough to frighten your own stomach.

Now comes the time to draw a blueprint for the new year if you don't want to have another repeat year without any aim and expectations. Or use the old sayings: new year resolutions.

As for me, 2009 would be a special year with reasons I don't want to exlore here, and to the detail, I have the flowing nice hopes.

1, Try to raise a pet in the new year. I love the french bull dog, oh, it got a black and white cute face, making you laugh at the sight of it. Since one first need to get yourself raised well to raise a pet, so not a easy thing for me for the moment.

2, Learn to cook more nutritious yet tasty food. We are always busy, busy, and busy, to even forget the basic happyniess in the life is "eating". Eating makes us happy and it's also the most simple thing that we can satisfy ourselves, so feeling happy can be easy if you learned to cook delicious food and share with others. Sometimes going to restarurents is not the best choice.

3, Save money for the home decoration project. My boyfriend and I decided to use our own money to purchase all the home electronics items in the near furture. In this way, we would feel more happy and satisfactory when use those products everyday. Besides, the process of buying those electronics itself is great fun that we both would enjoy very much.