Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Travel Far Away to Discover Home

Living in mordern society for too long to see the beautiful skys and to smell the green trees' fresh scent, you would like to give your soul and body a big rest, go travelling in some place with lots of old green trees and mysterious flavor.

There was no more crowd, no more noses, no more pressure, it's just your free soul and an curious mind and eyes.

Sometimes when you leave places you know and take on experiences unknown, your perspective changes about your own country, your life philosophy and yourself.

China has many such beautiful places similar to the photos showed, for example, Sichuan is famous in china travel. Before or after the earthquake, Sichuan is still beautiful and full of charm to the domestic or foreign travellers. Food is also great in Sichuan, so you can travel and eat greatly at the same time, you know, the most famous chinese food is Sichuan food. Seldom anyone won't like them.


Anonymous said...

I think you're right! Traveling to foreign countries or even an area of your won country always gives one a new and different perspective. I wish everyone had your positive attitude and insight!

I love my life in China but being here has also given me a new appreciation for my homeland.


Seattle Real Estate said...

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