Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Necktie Man Who also Enjoys Folding Bike

It seems like that necktie and folding bike can't be tied to one man, since necktie represents a kind of formal style, suit type man that generally not so young or so old, and are doing extrovert jobs or market jobs that may require a formal looking everyday.

And folding bike exercese is a kind of casual lifestyles and a new trend in young men in the big cities, who may enjoy the weekend of taking a folding bike to explore the nature wild in the city, to have a better exercise in the outside. Young and cool guys like this cycling sport very much.

So why not the racing bike, but the folding bike ? Acturally, the folding bike I'm talking about is not the kids stuff, it's more professioanl like and suitable for putting into a backpack when you are climibing a mountains. Mountains, that's what a wild exploration should include, so a plain bike would not suit to bring to the mountain area.

But who says an necktie type looking man could not change the style once in a while to enjoy a more casual lifestyle, to wear those soft T-shirt and short pants, try to play the folding bike. Those professiaonl folding bike gadgets are really expensive, but it can bring us a lot of fun and benifits.

It's lightweight, chic designed, and with excellent function. It's novel, so it got market in a society where people all looking for some difference and excitement in life.

Folding bike may also be utilized by those are not living near the subway, and don't have a car, and it may be your best choice to ride to the subway and then folding it when you get there. It's a very recommanded way of transportion in the big cities now.


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