Sunday, January 25, 2009

Perfect Pants to Fit Your Leg Shape

Pants are the number one wardrobe item. Women want to wear pants that look great and are comfortable at the same time whether you are sitting or walking. That’s why the style you choose is so important.
If you buy a pant online simply because of others saying it's great and perfectly cutted, then you are greatly wrong. Remember, pants pick legs and body shape.

We all know that the tight straingt pants are in fashion, but ff you are not with a perfect long leg shape, don't ever try the straight pantsm, it may look awkard on you. There are many women wearing the tight pants in the street, but in fact, seldom anyone could wear them well and nice.

The more safe choice would be the Cropped (九分裤),cropped styles (around ankle length or a few inches above) is suitable for most people. The key is to wear a high-heels to go along with it. Otherwise, it may just be another plain pants.

Fabric also is important when it comes to choosing pants that will be flattering. All types of fabrics such as denim, corduroy, velveteen, cotton, knits, and medium weight blends are used for pants. Unless you’ve got a perfect figure it’s wise to avoid fabrics that cling as they will emphasize your faults.

Consider both the design and the texture of fabric when buying pants. Some fabrics can be uncomfortable because they are itchy or bulky. Make sure the pattern is appropriate to your size and shape and as well to the style of the pants.

A proper fit will make your pants attractive and comfortable. They should fit snugly at the waist and then fit smoothly but not overly tight through the hips and thighs. Pants do not fit correctly if they ripple at the waist, wrinkle or bag in the crotch, if the press seam is off center, and if the waistline is pulling either at the back or the front.

Anyway, keep a mind of your own leg size and waist size, and know your style. Comfort is ahead of style if you are asking me what's the priority.


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