Sunday, December 21, 2008

Garden Patio Design Reflects Personal Taste and Lifestyle

Even everything else is regular and going the same like always, you still got your garden patio area to put all your crazy ideas and imagination into reality.

The home little garden is your place, you decide. The most important decor elements in the patio area is the patio furniture. The furniture should be cozy, yet anti-water since at most times, it is in the outdoors not indoors. As to the colors, it should be not easily faded when facing the sun too long time.

Another you should take care of is the little ornaments gadgets such as a cute planter or a polyresin animal stuff to put in some corner to give you nice feelings and to make the whole design seem lively and animated.

Other garden supplies such as the garden lighting is also required, solar light is always the first choice when taking about lighting in the garden since it's eco friendly and yet enegy save.

You also need to do pest control work carefully, because you don't want the mosquito or other unnamely creatures to disturb your peaceful mind there.


Anonymous said...
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jeane kenneth said...

Your gardens are wonderful! Your patio looks so inviting, like you could just sit down with a big glass of iced tea. I love all of the things given to you, it makes them more special. Maybe you can try to look at some of great wind spinner too! for your wonderful garden

Seattle Real Estate said...

you have beautiful garden