Sunday, December 7, 2008

Well Designed Yummy Food Stuffed into Cute Dinner Set

Never thought food could be so well designed just like an art. It must be made with heart and love.

Just like a baby would love the "Smile" Food Box, we definitely would eat more happier like a child if served with food with yummy style and stuffed into a never-so-cute dinner set just like the picture showd, do you?

Or if I'm too childish and naive, but keeping a younger heart is a way to stay younger, don't you think?

So if you got a kid that brings a dinner box everday to school or it's just youself would prepare one for workdays, I suggest you to try to stay away from munotonous precedure just for some day, because life needs a little surprice and difference as well as a bit of creativity once in a while.

Begin with buying a cute and practical dinner box for bring out or dinner set for home use, then do a little magic trick to your food. It won't spare you so much time, anyway, it's enjoying life if your think otherwise. And for your kid, they would be more happier when seeing this lunch and eat more definitely.

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