Thursday, September 18, 2008

Novelty Design for Sports Cap

Can you imagine that fashion designers would add high technology to the sports cap design? It would make the sports cap not just a cap any more, but with more practical functions.

Sports cap and sunglasses in one

Underneath the cap visor is a sun visor which you can easily fold down and back up to make it disappear again. Your hands will always be free. You will never again worry about misplacing your sunglasses – and your head and eyes will always be perfectly protected from bright sunlight. It doesn’t matter if you are driving into a tunnel, entering a building, looking into your briefcase or at a camera display – you will never need to take off, put aside or risk losing your sunglasses.

Sports cap with LED lighting

High quality cotton cap with LED lights on the edge, and all the wire is inside the cap, you can conveniently use it. It can be wildly used in hunting, fishing, outdoor and night working. There is already a product with the following qualities: 5LED, the max brightness is above 16000mcd. Including 2 CR2032 batteries. Can keep continue working for 30 hours, and intermittent work for 50 hours. Inside switch make it nice look Different kinds of color to choose.

Maybe someone think the above sports cap are too flattery and it need not to be that complicated. But it may be useful to many people with special demands. For example, the tunel worket would find the led sports cap much more useful.

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