Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fat Buddy, Come On - The Cute Panda

As the most precious animal in China, Panda gives us too much joy. Last sunday, the animal park in our district is open to the traveller for free, and thousands of people went there to have a happy time.

Panda house is the most popular of all, and since there is so many people that day, the little mountain that leads to the panda house has been walked to several roads. Peviously, there is not any obvious road leading there.

Panda is fat and cute. And they are clever too. See the left picture, they are helping eath other to climb trees. I feel very glad that this precious moment is taken down.
The China panda is known in China as the 'large cat-bear', an apt title as it combines the soft features of a cat with the profile and body-shape of a bear. It sits on the ground when feeding, like a bear does; but on the other hand, its muzzle is more flattened than a bear's and its ears are short and rounded.

The giant panda's black and white markings make it one of the most distinctive of mammals: black ears and eyespots, with a black stole around its shoulders that extends down to its forepaws, and matching black leggings. Its white tail is short and, like the white on its back and belly, is often a soiled cream colour. Within its natural environment (the deep forests and, at upper elevations, snows and rocks), its mottled coloring provides a camouflage.

There is also speculation that its striking color pattern may be a clear message to other pandas to stay away since the giant panda is an extremely solitary animal.Giant panda's fur is thick and covered in an oil that prevents it from getting wet in the permanently soggy atmosphere of its mountain home. A panda's forepaws are equipped with an additional 'thumb' that is used to manipulate the bamboo that forms the panda's staple diet.

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