Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Frugal Living Becomes New Trend

Many people's lifestyle has been changed during this finantial crisis, which still seem to have no sign to leave us.

As the financial crisis squeezes the real economy, urban white-collar workers speak of shrinking bonuses and frozen wages.

Some are unemployed but just how many is unknown as China has not released that information. Students are facing the worst job prospects since China's economic reform began 30 years ago.

It natually becomes a time when frugal living becomes new trend and fashion.People share different experience and ways of saving money, learning how to spend less money, but achieve the same effect or got the same life as usual.

It all comes down to life details and some attitude change. For example, we would buy clothing from c2c website instead of spending much more money in the shopping malls or even make clothing by ourselves if you got the skills.

We could cook more instead of going to restaurants, learning more cooking skills and heathy recipes, which is better in a lot of senses. In such way, you may have more time with your families and enjoy life's simple pleasure, which previously you are too busy to experience.Those big brands like chanel, gucci,LV...Let them skip our eyes and minds for the moment since they are not necessity in life.

The frugal lifestyle seems to be endorsed by authorities too. In a commentary published last week in the People's Daily, the writer said frugality did not conflict with the government's demand-stimulating policies, as it called for reasonable rather than reckless spending. Frugality could also help people spend their limited money on the most needed things.

Work hard, keep the current job, and keep a positive mind too. Even if you are so unlucky to be caught in a undertowm, don't be so down, look at the bright side. Learn more skills during this time, spend more time with your family. It may not be so bad.

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