Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taking Shots is All About Angle and Light

Different shot taken in the same place at the same time would have totally different effect and feeling. That made us thinking. Is shot the true reflection of the reality. The answer is no, taking shot is all about light and angle. It's about what you want to emphasis on and what to hide from. It's about angle you choose, the light you captured.

Photography skills takes experiences to command, and it's such a amazing things about taking shot if you really got the skills and photo philosophy.

I was very interested in taking shot recently and want to learn more skills to capture more fun and beauty in life, to record those magic moments in life. The other day when I was wearing my charming evening address to attend a party, I feel a little sorry that I didn't bring my camera to take a picuture of me. When I returned home, I carefully put my dress in a hanger and changed to my casual flip flop. A special day has passed with no trace.

We should keep the habit of taking photos of ourselves when we are young to keep as many good memories as possible. I was often impressed by those skillful men with good photography skills and they have turned the ordinary into magic. The light and the angle is sometimes full of creation and art.

Finally there is some basic tips to follow:

See the light
Charming children, idyllic settings and the wrong lighting add up to lousy pictures. The flash on your camera is your friend - unless it’s not. Washed out faces and redeye are just two of the problems you’ll face in less than optimum light conditions. You can eliminate the redeye problem by taking your pictures outdoors. Avoid shooting in the middle of the day. Mornings or late afternoons make for a much warmer and less shadowy photo. Position yourself so that the light comes from the side. If it’s in their faces, they squint. If it’s behind them, their faces will be in shadow. Indoors, use your windows to your advantage. Even the light on an overcast day will add softness to your photo.
Don’t pose - compose
Forget all that stuff you’ve read about tilted chins and carefully arranged arms and legs. A pose looks exactly like what it is. Let your kid just be a kid and concentrate on the composition of your photo. Avoid framing her in the middle of your shot. Think of the image in your viewfinder as a tic-tac-toe grid and try to position the camera so that the she appears where two of the lines intersect. And always shoot at eye level with your subject. This isn’t aerial photography and shots taken from above will foreshorten your kid’s body and make his head appear larger than life. Get down on your knees or lie on your stomach if you have to.
Watch your background
Sure, you’re intent on capturing the perfect expression, but pay attention to what’s in the background, too. Often without realizing it, we take photos that look like a fence post or tree is growing out of the top of our kid’s head. Make sure you position yourself so that what’s in the background stays where it belongs.


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